News sources reported on Thursday night that the Saudi coalition continues airstrikes on areas in Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al-Masira, fighter jets of the Saudi coalition bombed six areas in the city of Rahba in the Yemeni province of Ma'rib.

According to the report, Saudi coalition bombers also bombed the al-Baqa area on the border with Najran, a city in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Saudi border guards shot dead a Yemeni citizen in the Al-Sheikh area of ​​the border town of Manbeh in Saada.

Following the developments in Yemen, the Saudi coalition and its affiliated forces violated the Al-Hudaidah ceasefire 145 times in the past 24 hours as well.

In April 2015, Saudi Arabia launched a large-scale offensive against Yemen, the poorest Arab country, in the form of a coalition of several Western and Arab countries, with the help of the United States, under the pretext of returning ousted fugitive President Abd al-Mansour Hadi to power.

The aggression has killed thousands of Yemenis so far, and according to the United Nations, the famine in the country has become the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the world.


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