Tehran (IP)- Iran's president expressed the country's readiness to vaccinate 500,000 people per day.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus, Hassan Rouhani said: "Unfortunately, in the current Iranian year (starting from 20 March, 2021), we faced dangerous viruses that entered Iran from other countries."

"The virus used to come from the west of the country, mainly from Iraq, which was the UK variant center. However, we have recently seen the Indian variant coming from the eastern borders," the president noted.

Rouhani added: "Every effort was made to prevent the virus from spreading beyond the southern and eastern provinces to inside the country. There was a lot of effort, and there was a delay, but unfortunately, the virus entered the country from the southern and eastern provinces, and with all the efforts made, we entered or approached the fifth peak."

"We halted flights from India and many other countries," he said, noting, "At the same time, there were difrent entries, though."

Stating that the vaccine jab had started faster today, Rouhani added: "We are prepared to vaccinate 500,000 people a day, and this will create a lot of hope as well as immunity and reduce the risk of death."


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