Tehran(IP): The new Chief of Iran’s Judiciary called the implementation of the Transformation Document as the axis and main criterion of Iran's judicial system.

Iran Press/Iran News: Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei said: "The axis of the judiciary is the implementation of the Transformation Document and this period is the period of transformation and excellence and we should have long and leaps and bounds with the unity and integrity of all officials, cooperation of the three branches of the government, military and law enforcement forces."

Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei appreciated the Leader for trusting and electing him as the chief of the Judiciary.

He expressed readiness to pursue this serious responsibility with “strength and power in order to serve the system and the people and values.”

Iran’s new Judiciary Chief noted: ‌"Promotion of justice in all areas, more decisive and non-discriminatory fight against corruption in all areas, development of technology to serve people better and cheaper and in some cases even free of charge for them, maximum use of the popular capacity for the prevention of crime, the reduction of judicial cases and violations in the judiciary branches, peace, and reconciliation, and the establishment of a mechanism for the expansion of legitimate freedoms is the most targets of the Judiciary Branch."

Referring to the expansion of legitimate freedoms, he added: "In the constitution and in the Leader's communiqué, the issue of expanding legitimate freedoms is mentioned, and this issue requires a mechanism so that we can defend legitimate freedoms more than before, because if these freedoms are expanded and as the restrictions defined by Islam, many illegal acts are prevented.”

Mohseni Ejei stated: "Reviewing ways of implementation of security, law enforcement, and intelligence officials to create security, widespread peace for all sections of society and with the aim of preventing the infiltration of enemies and ill-wishers in different layers of the system and administration and preventing spying cases and possible invasion of the privacy is another axis that will be pursued in the new era."


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