Camera images of Iranian nuclear facilities will not be provided to IAEA: MP

Tehran (IP) – The spokesman for the Iran's parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says nuclear facilities' camera fotages will not be provided to the IAEA inspector in his coming visit.

Iran PressIran News: Regarding the upcoming visit of the Massimo Aparo, deputy director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Tehran, Mahmoud Abbaszadeh-Meshkini stated that the Islamic Consultative Assembly stressed the strict implementation of the "Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions" law.

Iranian senior MP said: According to the Law and the end of the agreement between Iran and the IAEA, the camera footages would not be provided to the Agency.

Abbaszadeh-Meshkini pointed out that if the IAEA officials seek to monitor Iran's nuclear facilities beyond the protocols and standards during their visit to Tehran, they should know that Iran will not provide them the information due to the non-compliance of the Western parties to the JCPOA.

Iran's Ambassador to the Vienna-based international organizations Kazem Gharibabadi said on Saturday that the IAEA Deputy Director-General for Safeguards Massimo Aparo is traveling to Iran in the coming days.

Gharibabadi said that Aparo is also one of the inspectors approved for Iran, saying his visit is in line with routine safeguards activities and within the framework of the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement.

Earlier, in reaction to illegal comments made by the UN nuclear watchdog head Rafael Grossi, Gharibabadi, focusing on the totalitarian tendency of the Agency, said in a televised interview that due to its goodwill, Iran was preserving and safeguarding the recorded data for another month even after the termination of the three-month period agreed upon in an agreement with the IAEA.


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