Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that Tehran's goal in participating in Vienna talks is lifting all sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Vienna talks took place after the United States announced that it had failed to put maximum pressure and impose sanctions on Iran and is ready to return to its obligations," Abolfazl Amouei told Iran Press.

He stressed that the parliament believes that lifting sanctions should be done effectively and verification is necessary.

The Iranian parliamentarian pointed out that so far, 3 rounds of talks between Iran and the 4+1 have been held. "In these talks, the 4+1 countries will talk to the American side and convey the message of the remaining JCPOA members, including Iran, to the US side.

The spokesman of the national security and foreign policy commission of the parliament highlighted that the main demand of the parliament, which is the complete lifting of sanctions, has been told to Abbas Araghchi as the head of the negotiators and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Emphasizing that Iran should have time for verification, he clarified that Iran's actions after lifting sanctions are a test under the supervision of the Iranian parliament. "The parliament tries to monitor the negotiations closely."

Amouei concluded that based on the reports that reached the parliament on the negotiation process, the parliament would decide how to reverse Iran's nuclear actions according to Article 7 of the parliament's law of 'Strategic Action Plan to Lift Sanctions.'


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Most individuals and entities are removed from the sanctions list.