Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi described recent Vienna joint meeting on JCPOA as a clear manifestation of US isolation in the international scene, saying that the meetings statement contains points which reveal Iran’s success in fulfilling its demands.

He added, certain operational approaches in the fields of oil exports and banking were discussed and underlined by all the participating foreign ministers, among them was setting aside dollar in transactions with Iran and economic parties.

Asked about achievements of the JCPOA Friday meeting, he said that the closing statement was strong in expressing members’ determination to maintain JCPOA in contrast to US will to scrap it.

Head of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team with 4+1 Group went on to say that the remaining signatories of JCOPA insisted on full implementation of the deal and acknowledged that removal of sanctions and Iran’s right to benefit from it is a key section of the deal.

They also welcomed continuation of peaceful nuclear cooperation with Iran, he added.

More importantly, the participating foreign ministers stressed the need to maintain enhanced economic ties with Iran, keep effective financial channels for interaction with Iran and continue Iran oil and gas condensates exports, Araghchi said.

Foreign ministers also expressed deep regret over US unilateral exit from the JCPOA, voicing their commitment in a clear opposition to the US unilateral sanctions and to create effective mechanisms in dealings with Iran, the Iranian diplomat highlighted.