Iranians in different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Afghanistan, go to the polling stations to vote for Iran's 13th presidential election.

Iran PressAsia: Iranians living in Australia participated in the 13th Iranian presidential election in designated constituencies.

Voting started at 9:30 am local time on Friday at 3:30 am Tehran time in Canberra, the capital, and Sydney, Australia's largest city.

In the first minutes, the ambassador and staff of the Iranian embassy in Australia cast their ballots at the polling station.

Wellington, the country's capital, and the two cities of Auckland and Christ Church are where the polling stations are located in New Zealand.

Elections will continue until 6 pm local time (10:30 am Tehran).

The Iranian embassy in Japan also began the voting process for the Iranian presidential election early in the morning local time in Tokyo, the capital.

In Afghanistan, four ballot boxes have been set up in Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Kandahar, and Iranian citizens living in Afghanistan are taking part in the election.

With the efforts and coordination of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Government of Afghanistan has also taken appropriate security measures for Iranians living in this country in the presidential election.


Coinciding with the 13th presidential election in Iran, the election process for Iranians living in Russia began at 8 am Moscow time in four cities this Friday.

Kazem Jalali, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia, said: Simultaneous voting process began in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and Astrakhan for Iranians living in Russia.

Also, in the very first minutes, the ambassador and staff of Iran's embassy in South Korea and their families cast their ballots.

The thirteenth presidential election began at 7 am today (Friday), Tehran time.

The election will be held simultaneously in 101 countries and 450 polling stations outside Iran.


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