Tehran (IP) - Saeed Jalili, the hopefull candidate for the 13th round of the Iran's presidential election said that the "Narrative of the Health System Program" focuses on important issues, including COVID-19 vaccine.

Iran PressIran News: Saeed Jalili on Monday after a TV campaign program told reporters that the coronavirus not only has affected health, but it also has effects on social and economic spheres.

The candidate added that to fighting coronavirus and reduce the suffering of society, there should be a comprehensive program both in the health system and in various fields, especially in the economic and social fields.

Referring to the need for vaccination to fight COVID-19, Jalili said that the country should have a great surge in various fields, and one of these dimensions is health.

Stating that one of the good capacities of the country is the development of vaccines, the presidential candidate said Iran could take the opportunity to develop and export Coronavirus vaccines.

"Iran has outstanding experts in vaccine development who can take valuable steps," he added.


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