The British Minister of Health Matt Hancock announced on Sunday that the Delta type of Coronavirus is 40% more contagious than other types of the virus.

Iran PressEurope: According to some British media, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to delay the implementation of the quarantine plan for two weeks. The British government will decide about this on June 14.

The quarantine plan was previously scheduled to be implemented in the UK from June 21.

Britain has suffered the most from the outbreak of the coronavirus among European countries. According to the latest statistics, about one hundred and twenty-eight thousand British citizens have died due to the virus.

The World Health Organization recently decided to use the Greek alphabet to name viruses instead of previous names, in order to prevent stigmatization of countries where mutant forms of the coronavirus have been identified.

The B.1.1.7 virus, first identified in the UK, is called "alpha" and the B.1.351 virus, first seen in South Africa, is called "beta". P.1 is named "Gamma" and B.1.617.2  which identified in India is named "Delta".