Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman said goodbye to his players on Sunday morning at the FC Barcelona training complex.

Iran Press/EuropeBarcelona’s season ended on Saturday against Eibar, but on Sunday they still turned up to training. Ronald Koeman gathered the players together for breakfast.

It served as a goodbye to them, as they go off with their national teams to play in the Euros or Copa America, or on holiday.

The team ate and Koeman spoke to them, evaluating the season, the Copa del Rey that they had won, and he thanked them for their work during the campaign.

The players all attended apart from Pedri, who is on holiday in Tenerife. They collected their things from the training ground. The next time they meet under the Barca banner will be in July when pre-season starts.

Barcelona beat Eibar 1-0 on Saturday to secure third place in La Liga.


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