China on Tuesday criticized the United States for fueling conflicts between Israel and Palestine after it blocked a United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) joint statement calling for an immediate ceasefire for the third time.

Iran PressAsia: Lead by China, Norway, and Tunisia, the UNSC on Sunday held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Gaza. However, due to US opposition, the meeting has again ended with no concrete outcome.

The ongoing conflict is the worst violence between Israel and the besieged Palestinian enclave since 2014. So far, it has killed nearly 220 Palestinians, including dozens of innocent children since it started on May 10.

Speaking on the issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian expressed China's disappointment and that of the international community in the US block on the joint statement, saying the US is standing on the opposite side of the justice.

According to Zhao, the majority of the UNSC member states were calling for an immediate ceasefire to avoid a total crisis and mitigate casualties. Meanwhile, the US, instead of striving to stop the crisis, chose to fuel the tension by being the sole dissenting voice on the issue of blocking the international efforts.

Under Joe Biden's administration, the US has reportedly green-lighted a $735 million sale of precision-guided weapons to Israel.

Noting that the US has been isolated in the UNSC for its stance on the issue, Zhao urged the US to drop its rhetoric on the rights and dignity of the Muslims and act to protect the rights and dignity of the Palestinians.

Instead of solely caring about its own interests on the issue, the US should work with the international community, contribute to the cooling down of the tension and support the UNSC's role in settling disputes and rebuilding trusts, Zhao stressed.

China has been a firm supporter of the peaceful settlement of conflicts between Israel and Palestine. On Sunday's open debate at the UNSC, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had called on the two sides to exercise restraint.

"China will continue to intensify efforts to promote peace talks and fulfill its duties as the rotating presidency of the UNSC," said Wang, adding that China invites peacemakers from Palestine and Israel to hold a direct talk in China.