Tehran (IP) - University students of Tehran condemned Israel's crimes in the Gaza Strip in a demonstration in Palestine Sq.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, in addition to carrying the flags of the Islamic Republic, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Palestine, the students held placards in Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic with the motto of 'Iran is by Palestine.'

The students also expressed their disgust with the crimes of the "child-killing Israeli regime" in Gaza, chanting "God is Great, Death to Israel, Death to the United States and Jihad will continue."They expressed their full support for the Palestinian people by reading the final statement in Persian, Turkish, and Arabic.

In the final statement, they asked Ulema (Islamic Thinkers) and intellectuals to reject supporters of a compromise with Israel. The statement stressed that the UN Security Council and human rights organizations have never taken any steps in the interests of the Palestinian people and have not recognized the rights of the Palestinian people.

In the end, the US and Israeli flags were set on fire.


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