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Tehran (IP) - The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces said that the design and production of aircraft engines in the Air Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense is one of the main components of strengthening and increasing the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Major General Mohammad Baqeri, visited the national engine production line at the Ministry of Defense's Aviation Industry Organization on Tuesday and was briefed on the latest developments and achievements of the Ministry of Defense aviation industry experts in the field of aircraft engines.

Referring to the importance of the engine as a vital and very important issue in the field of aircraft and missiles, Gen. Baqeri stated: "The engines of aviation products are among the most important parts and bottlenecks in terms of technology and only a handful of countries are able to produce it."

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces highlighted: "The Islamic Republic of Iran, with the efforts of its committed experts and scientists, has been able to enter the critical field of design and production of advanced aircraft engines by relying on confidence and internal capacities and made UAVs and missiles with Iranian-made engines, and this is a matter of great pride for the Armed Forces and the country."

He said that engine production has economic value added in addition to defense value, and stressed: "All aircraft, missiles, etc. are dependent on the engine issue and this important issue shows the need to pay more attention to this sector."

In another part of his remarks, referring to the issue of sanctions against the arrogant powers, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said: "All defense developments have been achieved thanks to the oppressive sanctions; because these constraints brought prosperity and the creation of valuable opportunities to our defense scientists."


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