Iran (IP)- According to the army's public relations, Spokesman for the 'Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat' aerial drills 2nd Brigadier General Farhad Goudarzi announced that Sukhoi-24 strategic bombers successfully destroyed ground targets.

Iran PressIran news: Using the principle of surprise, the Sukhoi-24 Strategic Bomber successfully targeted and destroyed enemy ground-based radars, including hypothetical enemy ground-based radars, by carrying a variety of optimized missiles and the precisely guided SHL which weighs half a ton, which is ready for use by Iran's Army Air Force specialists.

He added: "At this stage, the F-14 and MiG-29 fighters also successfully carried out the conditions of conflict in the real battlefield by conducting air combat operations."

Stating that the exercise is based on the real scene of the war, Goudarzi said: “Observers and referees  of the Army Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Central Headquarters of Khatam al-Anbiya will be present at all stages of the exercise and will evaluate the actions, achievements, and results.”

The main stage of the ninth phase of the annual aerial drills titled 'Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat' and codenamed 'Ya Sadeq Al-Mohammad (AS)' began today (Monday) in Isfahan, central Iran.


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