Tehran (IP) - Iran's Secretary of High Council for Human Rights said rental security provided by foreign actors could not guarantee the security and rights of nations.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Attending the webinar ‘Girls’ Human Rights and Sustainable Peace and Security on Monday, Ali Bagheri Kani pointed to the 20-year presence of the US and NATO in Afghanistan and said not only did they fail to establish security in the country, but also systematic terrorist incidents were happening in the country.

Pointing to the fact that the US and NATO are responsible for the blood of the innocent girl students martyred in Afghanistan, Baqeri Kani said: “The atmosphere ruling the world's human rights is not based on facts, because the actors who dominate the world's political, media, and legal arenas direct them according to their own interests and needs.”

With regards to the presence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, he noted that the clearance of the country from ISIS terrorists was the fruit of domestic security formed based on Islamic resistance discourse.

Afghanistan’s ambassador to Tehran Abdolghafour Lival appreciated Iran’s support for the Afghan people and said the Iranian nation and government had been standing by Afghanistan’s people in all stages of establishing peace and civil society. 219