"The Boy," by Noushin Mearaji

IRAN (IP) - "Les Ciné Rencontres de Prades" festival in France announced the list of short films of the Iranian women filmmakers for the competition.

Iran PressEurope:  A total of 30 short films have been accepted to the "Women Filmmakers" section, including eight short films that will compete for the first prize of € 700 and the second prize of € 500.

 "Do not tell anyone" (Sahar Sotoodeh), "Shileh" (Marjan Safabakhsh), "Bahar" (Faezeh Karimpour), "Spotted Yellow" (Baran Sarmad), "Flasher" (Pantea Mehdinia), "Barzakh" ( Ghasideh Golmakani), "American Cow" (Aseman Tousi) and Behnaz Eskandarnejad, Namayesh (Performance) are short films that have been selected to the festival.

All films will be screened in the original language with French subtitles.

Also, the name of Iranian women's feature films, which are included in this event, will be announced soon.

One of the films participating in this episode is "The Boy," the first film by Noushin Mearaji, which recently won the Best Actor Award at the Moscow International Film Festival and the best film by the Russian Critics Association.

Les Ciné Rencontres de Prades festival was canceled last year due to Coronavirus, but this year the organizers hope to hold the 62nd edition of the festival in person from July 17 to 23.


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