The head of the High Council of State said that the commander of the so-called National Army is a threat to the Libyan parliamentary and presidential elections.

Iran PressAfrica: Libyan Supreme Council Chairman Khaled al-Mushiri, in a meeting with the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for the country, said that the Libyan National Army, commanded by Khalifa Haftar, expresses concern over the meeting of the national unity government in eastern Libya.

He added that this shows that the government is unable to exercise its sovereignty over the country and Haftar does not obey the sovereignty of the government, and this threatens the possibility of holding true and transparent elections.

The new cabinet of the Libyan National Unity Government, headed by Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibeh, and the new Presidential Council, headed by Mohamed al-Menfi, formally took over the government in Libya on March 16 to manage the country's affairs and prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections in late 2021.

With the election of the interim government, the differences which began in 2015 between East Libya under the auspices of Khalifa Haftar and its west, the center of the National Unity Government, ended. 219