Tehran (IP): Iran's Civil aviation Organization spokesman Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh said there were bans and restrictions on flying from Iran to 42 countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh noted: currently, some restrictions have been announced for travel from Iran to 42 countries due to the spread of the coronavirus, of which travel to 15 countries as countries with special conditions is prohibited.

According to Zibakhsh, Travel to India, Pakistan, France, Botswana, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Iraq, Estonia, Ireland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Slovakia, South Africa, and Zambia is now prohibited as countries with special conditions.

For these countries, we prohibit the admission of passengers, whether by direct or indirect flight. But we make an exception of diplomats and representatives of international organizations in accordance with health protocols, he said.

Zibakhsh further stated that 27 countries were also considered high-risk countries and their passengers would be accepted with special restrictions.


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