France (IP)- Dozens of French taxis have been protesting since Monday morning at several border posts near Geneva to denounce the application of a rule limiting their travel in Switzerland.

Iran PressEurope: Since 6:30 a.m., taxis, VTCs and other carriers have been slowing down the passage of cars going to Switzerland at the border posts of Bardonnex, Vallard and Ferney-Voltaire.

The drivers are protesting against the controls of their authorizations to work in Helvetian territory, carried out for about a year by the Swiss authorities under an old rule, rarely verified until then, explains the union.

The Discord Directive

A European directive of 2005, relating to the recognition of professional qualifications, indeed authorizes taxis to work a maximum of 90 days per year in Switzerland, with the obligation to declare these days at least eight days in advance.

The Geneva authorities were not very careful before 2020, assures Eric Poligot. But in recent months, several of his colleagues who had not registered with the canton were stopped at the border and forced to call a Swiss taxi to continue their clients’ journey, most often to the airport. from Geneva, he says.

In discussions with the Haute-Savoie prefecture for six months to try to find a written arrangement, the union suggests, for example, the use of buttons or technology to streamline border controls.

The filtering demonstration must continue throughout the day, the union having to meet the services of the State in France in the afternoon.


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