Komotini (IP) - During a video meeting between Iran's Cultural Attaché in Greece, and the Mufti of the city of Komotini stressed the need to expand joint cultural, artistic, and religious cooperation between Iran and Greece.

Iran PressEurope: According to the public relations of Iran's Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication, Mahdi Nikkhah Qomi, Iran's Cultural Attaché in Greece, and Khalil Jihad, the mufti of the city of Komotini, discussed the situation of Muslims in northern Greece and joint cooperation in a video call.

Nikkhah Qomi, referring to the activities of this cultural body in various fields, said: "Part of our cultural activities is related to presenting a true and true image of Islam, and in this field, we can have effective cooperation."

He added: "Some international cultural programs, such as the International Holy Quran Competition, are held by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which our brothers in northern Greece can participate in."

Khalil Jihad, referring to the importance of unity and commonalities between the different religions of Muslims, said: "Coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the northern regions of Greece, especially in the cities of Xanthi and Komotini is very great. We are the indigenous Muslims of this region, and although we are a religious minority, we have the same rights as other Greeks."

He added: "Many young Greeks who educated in Islamic Science are active in the field of memorizing and reciting the Qur'an and other religious teachings and taken over the management of these activities in northern Greece's mosques today."

The Mufti of Komotini stated: "Today, Greece is a model for other EU countries in the discussion of the coexistence of religions and sects."

Referring to his trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said: "I always have good memories of Iran in my mind. I look at Iran through the eyes of a friendly and brotherly country that has always worked to establish connections between Muslims who are truly brothers."

In the end, the two sides emphasized the continuation of these talks and effective cooperation.


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