A 49-year-old woman died eleven days after being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Rostock, north coast of Germany.

Iran PressEurope:  According to the University of Rostock, the woman died on Wednesday evening in the neurology clinic. She was an employee of the university clinic. 

There are indications of a "vaccinated incident following a Covid-19 primary vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine," said a statement from the university clinic. 

"The connection has not yet been finally clarified," said the chairman of the board, Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidt on Thursday. 

The incident was reported to the authorities and the Paul Ehrlich Institute. It is the first death at the University of Rostock that may be related to a corona vaccination.

She had been vaccinated eleven days ago and had slight complaints afterwards, which would have improved after a visit to her family doctor. 

The EU Medicines Agency (EMA) classified the corona vaccine from the British-Swedish manufacturer AstraZeneca as safe about a week ago after a review.