The speech of Iran's Leader on the occasion of the beginning of the new year was reflected in the world media, and in particular, Ayatollah Khamenei's speech about JCPOA was covered by the Western media.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian Leader of the Islamic Revolution spoke live and directly with the honorable people of Iran on the first day of New Persian Year, and as always, parts of his remarks were covered by the world media.

Referring to this part of Ayatollah Khamenei's remarks that Iran is in no hurry with the proposed solution to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Bloomberg News website wrote: "The Iranian leader warned the United States that its current policy toward the Islamic Republic is doomed to failure unless sanctions are effectively and completely lifted."

"We should not burn opportunities, but we should not rush too," the network quoted Iranian Leader. "Iran is patient and we will continue our work. If they accept and implement our desired policy, everything will be fine. Otherwise, it will remain as it is."

Referring to the words of Iran's Leader about returning to JCPOA commitments, Bloomberg wrote: "Pointing out that Washington's words and promises have no value for Tehran, the Iranian leader said that the issue is not who will be first, the issue is that we trusted the Americans and fulfilled the commitments in the nuclear deal, but they did not adhere to their commitments."

Reuters also referred to a part of Iran Leader's remarks about the US violating JCPOA: "Ayatollah Khamenei announced in a televised speech that the Americans had said on paper that the sanctions would be lifted, but in practice, they did not lift the sanctions. Their promise has no value for Iran."

"Iran's Leader emphasis on lifting sanctions was quoted by Reuters as saying: "The Americans must lift all sanctions. We will verify and if the sanctions are really lifted, we will return to our commitments without."

AFP also paid special attention to the remarks of Iran's Leader regarding the lifting of sanctions: "Referring to JCPOA, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the country's policy towards JCPOA parties and the nuclear deal itself is clear. This requires that the Americans lift the sanctions, and then we will verify, and if the sanctions are actually lifted, we will return to our obligations. 219