Tehran (IP)- An specialist and the main researcher of the COV-Pars stated that the clinical trial started last week, thirteen people have been vaccinated, 10 men and three women, but fortunately, no side effects had been detected but minor pain at the injection spot.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the press conference on the conditions of the volunteers who have been got COV-Pars vaccine held at Rasoul-Akram hospital on Monday, Saeed Kalantri noted that though the vaccination process was successful, the effectiveness of the vaccine takes time to be judged.

"After that, the second phase of the human trial on 120 volunteers will be implemented in four groups of 30 people, the first group will receive a vaccine which has not the effective substance of the vaccine, the second 5 doses, the third 10 doses, and the fourth group will receive 20 doses of vaccine.", the official stated.

The volunteers will be vaccinated without knowing the dose of the vaccine, the infectious disease specialist said.

Volunteers aged 18-55 are urged to either visit the Rasoul-Akram hospital or register at covid.rvsir.ac.ir to get the shot, said the official.

Kalantari expressed hope to provide the country with a safe and effective vaccine.

As the next keynote speaker, Masoud Soleimani-Dodaran, a member of the presiding board of Medical Sciences University, epidemiologist, and head of COV-Pars vaccine production's epidemiology section said that the COV-pars is being studied, and the final judgment is made after the results are known.

Mehdi Nofeili, the Molecular Genetics Specialist, also said that every one of 13 volunteers received different doses of 5, 10, and 20, and I received the highest dose, which is 20, to more accurately evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the COV-Pars in order to provide public with the information.

"I had no chronic symptoms such as itching, redness, pain, or swelling, or not have systemic symptoms such as a decrease or increase in heartbeat or blood pressure or nausea that is common among vaccines", he highlighted.

During a year to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the COV-Pars, animals, including mouse, monkeys, pigs, and rabbits got the vaccine, and all the data were registered daily, he said, adding that the results were significant, especially on monkeys which are most like humans.


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