An Israeli drone breached the Lebanese airspace over the town of Blida, in the district of Marjayoun, News media reported Saturday.

Iran Press/Middle East: The intruding enemy drone violated the Lebanese airspace over the locality of Ghasouna in the town of Blida in the Marjayoun district, NNA correspondent reported.

Frequent and illegal violations of Lebanese airspace by Israel take place as the Israeli army has recently declared areas along the border between the occupied territories and southern Lebanon as a closed military zone.

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry filed a lawsuit to the United Nations Security Council over the Israeli regime's violation of the Lebanese air space last January.

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry announced that the Israel regime's repeated encroachments on the country's airspace are a clear violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, and these encroachments must be condemned immediately and stopped in order to maintain stability and security in the region.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry's complaint against the Israeli regime was ordered by President Michel Aoun and sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Security Council Resolution 1701, which was adopted after the end of Israel's 33-day war on Lebanon in 2006, warns the Israeli regime against hostile actions against Lebanon, but this regime always violates Lebanese airspace, land, and sea regardless of the resolution.

Lebanon has always called on the international community to warn the Israeli regime about this aggression and prevent them from continuing.