Tehran (IP) – The president of Allameh Tabataba`i University said in the age of globalization of communications, suitable grounds were available for the universities and scientific institutes to take the initiative and provide the means to expand academic partnerships and advance the borders of human sciences.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the 1st Symposium of Rectors of ECO Member State Universities, Hossein Salimi stated that this symposium could, in fact, provide the grounds for a more extensive introduction of the universities with each other and act as a major step towards the establishment of the network.

"It can also boost the academic partnerships between our institutes, provide us with a better insight into the rich cultural and academic capacities within the region, lead to the development of joint economic development plans, and ensure the interests and securities of our countries more than before," he noted.

"ECO member states seem to have had a valuable repertoire of academic and cultural cooperation throughout history and several of the scientists of the region, including Ibn Sina, Abu Raihan al-Biruni, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, and al-Farabi, among others, are considered as the common heritage of this civilizational area today," he underlined.

In his further remarks, he said that several of the universities in the ECO region are currently ranked top among the world academia, which could turn into a joint social capital to advance regional development plans.

As the next keynote speaker Atoosa Goodarzi, the university lecturer, said that since its inception, the ECO-CoI 'College of Insurance' of the ECO countries had been host to numerous students from the several ECO Member States and had been recognized as an academic brand within Iran and ECO member countries; Besides its academic success, the College had also enjoyed international privileges.

"To provide the best possible result, the establishment of a permanent secretariat of ECO Member State universities in the ECO-CoI and the establishment of regional offices in universities of other ECO Member States; Holding annual meetings between presidents/rectors of the universities of the ECO Member States, and registering this event in the ECO Secretariat's Calendar of Events; And holding annual conferences on the scientific, academic, and research issues within the ECO Member States are required," she noted.

The 1st Symposium of Rectors of ECO Member State Universities was held at Allameh Tabataba`i University on March 4, via videoconferencing with 10 ECO university member states in attendance.

The main mandate of the ECI is to preserve the common heritage of the region and establish a communication network between cultural centers, universities, libraries, and museums to protect the rich cultural heritage of the region.


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