Iran's banking sanctions can be solved through cooperation: Armenia amb.

Tehran (IP) - The Armenian ambassador to Iran says banking sanctions have caused problems in Iran's trade relations with other countries, but with cooperation, the problems caused by sanctions can be resolved.

Iran PressIran News: Artashes Tumanian stated on Tuesday in the gathering of North Khorasan province's economic activists: "Iranian companies registered with an Armenian partner are in contact and work with Armenian banks."

"Armenian banks work with world banks and have no problem in this regard; therefore, there is no problem for Iranians' economic activity in Armenia and financial transactions between the banks of the two countries," he added.

The Armenian ambassador noted: "Iranians can have accounts and economic activities in Armenian banks with any currency they want, and there are no restrictions in this regard."

He described Armenia as a bridge for Iran's trade relations with other countries and said: "One of the important issues in this regard is Armenia's membership in Eurasia, which has made a market of 180 million people available."

Tumanian added: "These countries are considered a customs region. The exchange of goods with these few countries is done without customs fees, and Iran also has exchanges with the Eurasian Union through Armenia and has used this platform."

The Republic of Armenia's ambassador will pay a two-day visit to North Khorasan to see the investment capacities of this province.


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