Tehran (IP) – The human trials phase of the Iranian vaccine named 'Razi COV-Pars' started on Sunday with the injection to volunteers.

Iran Press/Iran News: Razi COVID-19 vaccine injection started on Sunday at Rasoul Akram Hospital in Tehran at the behest of Agriculture Jihad Minister Kazem Khavazi.

The head of the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute Ali Eshaqi assured Iranians that the COVID-19 vaccine produced by this institute would not have any side effects.

He stressed that the Razi Institute, after 96 years of activity in producing vaccines under scientific protocols, did not harm the people.

Eshaqi stated that attempts to make the COVID-19 vaccine had started in March 2020, and the clinical permission of this vaccine had been given on January 16, 2021.

"The production of this vaccine has 3 phases, and now we are in the first phase, which is done on two persons,” he said.

He added noted that the first phase would be performed on 13 people, two of them got the shot today.

Meanwhile, the country has been trying to produce another Iranian COVID-19 vaccine named 'COVO-Iran Barekat,' and the first phase of its clinical trial has been completed.


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