Jamaran destroyer fully Iranian-built: Senior Navy Commander

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Marine Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense said: "The Jamaran destroyer is completely Iranian-built and we have not received any help from any foreign element and all stages of its design and production were done by domestic experts."

Iran PressIran News: Admiral Amir Rastegari said: "In 1997, an exhibition was set up in the strategic naval factories of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was visited by the Commander-in-Chief. At the end of the visit, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: "Go and build a destroyer."

"Our navy could just build the system level at the time, and building this warship was not an easy task, and these remarks showed that the Leader is looking for a distant vision for the navy. So we started the command with all the difficulties. At that time, our equipment was all Western, and we were doing management and repairs, but all the equipment was imported," Admiral Amir Rastegari added.

Admiral Rastegari said: "The Leader also determined the characteristics of the proposed destroyer and asked us to build a destroyer capable of carrying helicopters and launching missiles, and the lack of a missile launch system in the destroyers of that time was a weakness for us."

He added: "Destroyers in high seas require helicopters and rocket launchers, and building the destroyer alone was a difficult task, but the leader commanded us to build a destroyer capable of carrying helicopters and launching missiles."

Admiral Rastegari said: The destroyer was built on February 10, 2010, and the Leader also attended the ceremony of joining the Navy. All those years are memories for us. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution said in his speech that many people believed that building a destroyer could not be done, but it was done, and in your opinion, this destroyer is not a big job."

The head of the Maritime Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense emphasized: "We must put into practice the talent and strength that God has given us and we must not be afraid of the greatness of greatness. Spirit of self-confidence and will has brought the country to the point where we have the ability to build a destroyer. The destroyer of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a turning point in the history of Iran's military navigation, and this destroyer was not only important for the navy but also had great achievements for the country."


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