Iran's official:
Iran's official: Those behind Iran's sanctions to acknowledge failure of maximum pressure

Tehran (IP) - The Chief of the Presidential Staff said: "Today, those behind Iran's sanctions acknowledged that the maximum pressure had failed, and we must all prepare ourselves for effective role-playing in the new space.

Iran PressIran News: Mahmoud Vaezi wrote on his personal page on Instagram: "The country has been facing difficult conditions for the past three years, and the economic war of the enemy, as well as the outbreak of the coronavirus in the last year, has caused many problems for economic activities and produces in the country, but the private sector and producers were struggling to help the country get through this difficult situation."

Vaezi added: "In provincial trips, one of the best and most rewarding opportunities for me is to talk to representatives of the private sector. In this regard, last night in Isfahan province, I participated in a meeting of the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council and honoring the exemplary exporters of this province, and got acquainted with the concerns of a group of private-sector economic activists, producers, and exporters."

The official stated: "Isfahan, with its specialized and efficient forces and abundant capacities in the industrial and mining fields, has played an important role in meeting the country's needs. The government has also made efforts to solve the problems of producers and remove production barriers."

Vaezi emphasized: "I further emphasized the importance of the role of exports in the fight against the enemy's economic war and the strengthening of oil-free economic policy, and said that in recent years, due to oppressive sanctions, oil revenues have decreased significantly. Exporters have played an important role in providing the currency needed to provide basic goods as well as raw materials for production in the country by exporting the country's non-oil products, which is to be appreciated."


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