Tehran (IP) - Two operational and technology plans of the Iranian Army Air Defence Force unveiled on Saturday including Bahman radar system.

Iran Press/Iran News: The inauguration of two operational plans and technology plans was held on Saturday with Commander of Army Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard and vice president for science and technology in attendance.

The two projects unveiled today include radar and rescue dimensions.

The first achievement of the advanced radar with the ability to detect small aircraft called the Bahman radar system and the other achievement is the design and construction of a self-propelled operating room called the rescue system.

At the official unveiling ceremony of these plans, Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Iranian Army, said:” The Bahman radar system was designed and built to detect Micro air vehicles (MAV) without emitting any signals or signals and to be installed in all environments, even urban environments.

Brigadier General Sabahifard said: "The purpose of designing and building a rescue system is to create a tactical set in the form of a self-propelled operating room that, in addition to improving combat capability in the field of support, can provide services in critical situations and help people in need."


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