The head of the Yemeni Supreme Revolutionary Committee stressed that the fight to liberate Marib is in line with the defence against the Saudi coalition's incessant aggression.

Iran Press/Middle East: The head of the Yemeni Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, said in response to the invitation of Martin Griffiths, the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Yemen, to stop fighting in Marib province: This battle has not stopped since the defeat of the invaders' attack on the "ninth" area until today, and now Griffiths wants to consider this battle as a (new) attack on Marib.

The UN special envoy, Martin Griffiths, said on Thursday that Sanaa's attempt to seize control of the region threatened all aspects of peace.

Following the advance of Yemeni army forces and popular committees in Marib, the Saudi coalition has sent hundreds of troops and carried out several airstrikes to counter the Yemeni forces' operation to liberate the city of Marib.

Meanwhile, the Mustaqbal al-Adalah (Future of Justice) movement has issued a statement calling on all sections and groups of the country to support the battle of Marib.

Marib province has been witnessing a new phase of operations by the army and popular committees since a week ago. Over the past week, 32 square kilometers of the Sirwah area west of Marib has come under Sanaa government forces' control. These forces are 10 km away from the city of Marib.

The city of Marib is the main gathering place for forces affiliated with the ousted Mansour Hadi government. According to military experts, the liberation of the city of Marib could change all Yemeni war situations.


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