Tehran (IP) - Iranian president said that the US has no choice but to respect international law and its commitments to the multilateral agreement of the JCPOA.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in an inauguration ceremony on Thursday, Hassan Rouhani said the former US President Donald Trump had thought that if he had put pressure on the Iranian people, the people would have knelt down and surrendered.

"Today, the American people and the current administration understand that the former president made a mistake. We hope that these mistakes will be corrected soon and that the new US administration will submit to the law, regulations, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2231," he said.

Addressing the new US administration, Rouhani stated: "Surrender to the law is not a defect, and we should not be embarrassed. Surrender to force is a defect; it is false that Iran has recently taken steps to pressure the United States. We do not want to tell the United States to act illegally in the face of our pressure, but what we want is the law."

He noted that enforcing international rules and regulations, obligations and treaties was one of the humane and political responsibilities of all governments.

"Hence, we hope that they will return to the law, and that we will be able to conduct our interactions in better conditions in the world, especially in the commercial sector," he added. 101

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