Enemies failed to prevent the export of the revolution: Judiciary Chief

Baghdad: (IP) - Iran's Judiciary Chief said that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and during past the 42 years, the enemies through all ways have been trying to prevent Iran's revolution to be shaped, consolidated, and exported but always failed.

Iran PressMiddle East: Ebrahim Raisi pointed to the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini and said that he founded a new age and system the basis of which was the belief in God, self, and people, that the people can determine their fate themselves, independent of the East and West. 

Delivering a speech on Tuesday in Iraq and among the Iraqi officials and thinkers, Raisi referred to the enemies' efforts including interference, 8-year-imposed war, and sabotages to prevent shaping the Islamic revolution and their failure

He referred to the enemies' new conspiracy, with the Israeli regime plotting, the US selling arms, and the Saudi regime supplying its money, noting that they created takfiri terrorist groups to shed the people's blood. 

He said that Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group is cooked by the US, reminding that the ex-Secretary of States of the US Hillary Clinton acknowledges before the cameras and world's eyes that it was the US that created the terrorist group to engage the people with it. 

The Iranian Judiciary Chief said that the enemies failed in all of its Daesh conspiracies, because the Muslim nations of Iraq, Iran, and the region were awakened and recognized the conspiracies since they found out that the plots are made by Israel.

He pointed out that the people of the two countries and the region owe their awareness about the enemies' plots to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Grand Marja (source of emulation) in Iraq.   

"Martyr Soleimani and Martyr Abu Mahdi gathered the youth to confront the US-backed terrorists in the region, but the US assassinated them, imagining that it ended the resistance in the region," Raisi said adding: "The resistance front is getting more flourishing and will not let the enemies conspire and that the US arrogance will be ended." 

Iran's Judiciary Chief stressed the unity of the Muslim nations and reliance on God as the way to reach salvation, noting that the US and foreign forces rather make the region insecure and that it is the Iraqi nation that can provide its own security. 

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran, following its Leader guidelines, wants a powerful and resistant Iraq against the enemies, and supports the flourishing of the Iraqi capacities. 


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