Iran's Cultural Attaché to the Republic of Azerbaijan and the director of Azerbaijan National Library on Monday emphasized the development of mutual cooperation between the national libraries of the two countries.

Iran press/ Asia: In the meeting, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov referred to the linguistic, cultural, and historical shares of the two countries, saying that the country has good relations with Iran.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is interested in its relations with Iran in all areas, especially language, literature, history, and culture, Tahirov added.

Pointing to Azerbaijan’s interest in developing relations with Iran, he noted that Azerbaijan has the most in common with Iran.

For his part, Ghorbanali Pourmarjan appreciated the attention of the director of Azerbaijan National Library to the development of cooperation, describing the national libraries as the memory of countries.

He said that the National Library of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a very high position among researchers because of more than 3 million books, thousands of documents, and more than 40,000 manuscripts besides very extensive services to professors, students, and researchers.

It is very important for the National Library of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop relationships with libraries of friends and neighboring countries, especially Azerbaijan, he went on to say.