French students queue for donated food as coronavirus locks down the country

Students in France are in need of food due to the pandemic impact on the country's economy and insufficient payment by the government.

Iran PressEurope: Queuing for food, handouts have become a ritual for many students trying to cope with the sudden financial pressure arising from curbs aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19, Reuters reported.

Foreign students are particularly affected, as they have no home they can easily return to.

In the city of Orleans, in central France, students forced to stay in their dorm room under the lockdown receive milk, coffee, pasta, and canned goods, as well as hygiene products.

Before receiving the food students have to register with regional academic authorities, which have faced huge demand for the supplies they provide since the lockdown came into force.

France has now entered its sixth week in lockdown, which the government has told will continue till May 11.


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