Iran exports over $450 million non-oil products from Astara

Astara (IP) - The Director-General of Astara Customs said in the past 10 months, more than 753,000 tons of non-oil goods worth over $456 million had been exported from the land, sea, and rail borders of the Iranian northern city.

Iran Press/Iran News: Karim Rasooli said on Friday that a major part of the good exported from Astara included agricultural, chemical, mineral and metal products, food, plastic, cement, plaster, detergents, fabrics, handicrafts, carpets and rugs, clothing and bags and shoes, the export of which, in terms of economic value, has increased by 46% compared to last year.

Stating that the amount of goods imported from Astara customs in terms of economic value has decreased by 30%, Rasooli added that in the last 10 months, about 215,000 tons of goods worth $ 138 million, including wood and boards, cereals, and plants have been imported from Astara Customs.

Astara city is located in the northwest of Gilan province, northern Iran, and the border strip of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The city enjoys land, sea, and rail borders.


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