Tehran (IP)- The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament says the superpowers of the East and the West have always wanted to exert a lot of pressure on the country, but we have received the reward of our independence and thwarted the insidious plans of the enemy.

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said in an open session of the parliament today during the pre-agenda speech: "The Iranian people have been witnessing the US and British bulling in Iran for many years, but the power given to them by the late Imam made the same people determine the fate of the country.

The speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: "This fact provoked a reaction by the superpowers of the East and the West to exert a lot of pressure, but we have taken our reward for independence and at the same time we have thwarted the insidious plans of the enemy."

He said that if the United States believes in the JCPOA, instead of making a condition, it should show its adherence to it in practice. The JCPOA's experience is in front of the eyes of the Iranian people; the intelligent Iranian are not naive to re-enter the game of unfounded promises. It is as if we gave the money of goods to the seller but did not receive the goods. Who is willing to make such a deal? So instead of making preconditions, the new US administration should think about how to implement the lifting of sanctions and fulfill its legal obligations.

 Ghalibaf underlined: "Our nation, under the leadership of that right-seeking and unique great man, dared to make a revolution; a decision that, although accompanied by the hearts of many oppressed nations and the aspirations of many people, is not achieved by every nation during its lifetime. Iran was the backyard of powers that at no point in history have preferred justice and right to their colonial and arrogant interests.

 Ghalibaf went on to say: "Nevertheless, today we have big and small problems in our country that people feel completely in their daily lives, but it is not the case that these problems are unsolvable. The revolutionary political system derived from Islam is not a dead-end for itself; because it has the promise of divine victory provided that it adheres to the divine traditions of the "public movement of the people."

The representative of the people of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Eslamshahr, and Pardis in the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued by emphasizing that we consider reliance on divine guidance, trust in the people, especially the youth, and efficiency and rationality as a crucial solution in the path of the Islamic Revolution. Our way is to return to the original guidelines of the Imam: faith in God and the power of the people, self-confidence and efficiency.


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