Iran to purchase air-pollution measurement, hospital equipment

Tehran (IP) - Iranian officials consulted with the Japanese representative to use Japan's experience in establishing hospitals and purchase Japanese equipment for measuring air pollution.

Iran PressIran News: In the meeting held on Saturday, representatives from Japan and Iran expressed hope for more cooperation with the sanctions lifted.

The head of Public Relations for Iran's Foreign Ministry Nasrin Vaziri stressed that health is an exception in the sanctions area, and called for the acceleration of constructing a hospital in a Japanese style in Iran as well as equipping hospitals and research centers. 

At the meeting, the Iranian side also demanded the granting of the loan based on 'Yen' currency, as well as bilateral cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus, which the Japanese side also agreed to.

The Head of Iran-based Japan's International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Azuma for his part referred to the impact of the sanctions on the implementation of the two countries' agreements, saying the implementation of any new project is subject to the permission of the Japanese government, and due to the non-finalization of the cooperation agreement between Japan and Iran, it is not possible to implement a new project.

He pointed to the cancellation of air-quality control of Tehran due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and added that some equipment has been purchased to be imported to Iran in order to continue the Tehran air quality control project.


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