The Iranian Ambassador in Islamabad, Mohammad Ali Hosseini

Islamabad (IP) - The Iranian Ambassador in Islamabad said that Tehran has always welcomed regional cooperation and dialogue to resolve conflicts and emphasizes diplomacy and peaceful methods.

Iran press/ Asia: In an interview with Pakistani state television (PTV) broadcast on Monday, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Islamabad, Mohammad Ali Hosseini, referred to Tehran's presentation of the Hormoz Peace Initiative, saying: "This plan is aimed at talking about security, reconciliation and the use of diplomatic and negotiation tools to resolve disputes."

Hosseini described the Iran-Pakistan brotherly ties as a good example for the countries of the region and added: "Tehran and Islamabad have very close and similar positions on many issues in the political field, apart from common interests."

The Iranian ambassador in Islamabad continued the conversation by blaming the Trump administration for directly imposing state terrorism on the Iranian nation and said: "Joe Biden should compensate the damages caused by the unilateral decisions of the US government and, along with other violating members of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action known as JCPOA, take international commitments."

Hosseini also referred to some destructive actions of the Americans and Israel in the region and reminded: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will respond to any strategic mistake and aggression, a swift and immediate response."


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