Prosecutors have opened 275 criminal cases and charged roughly 98 individuals in connection to the deadly riot at the US Capitol.

Iran Press/America: That number will easily grow to over 300 by the end of the day, Michael Sherwin, acting US Attorney for the District of Columbia, told reporters during Friday's news conference.

Federal investigators are chasing thousands of leads in twin efforts to prosecute people involved in last week's attack on nthe US Capitol and to try to prevent feared follow-up attacks in Washington, DC, and around the country.

Several US military veterans, as well as off-duty police officers from Virginia, Maryland and Texas, have since been suspended or arrested for participating in the riot.

The challenge, FBI and Department of Justice officials say, is "unprecedented," particularly given the growing concerns about possible protests around the country this weekend and planning around what will be the most heavily fortified presidential inauguration in modern US history.

"If this investigation was a football game, we'd still be in the first quarter," Steven D'Antuono of the FBI's Washington Field Office said Friday, making clear the arrests and charges levied so far are only the beginning.

On 6 January, thousands of pro-Trump supporters were able to break into the building where members of Congress were voting to certify the election result. 101

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