Tehran (IP): Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman stated that an informal meeting of the foreign ministers of the JCPOA members will be held via video conference today.

Iran PressIran news: Saeed Khatibzadeh in his weekly press conference with the media, which was held virtually, congratulated the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (as), Nurse's Day, as well as Yalda night, explaining foreign policy developments in last week, noting: "Today, an informal meeting of the foreign ministers of the JCPOA members will be held by video conference. This meeting will not focus on specific issues of JCPOA, but will review the set of developments of the past few months.”

He noted: "On Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan will travel to Tehran. Also on Saturday, we witnessed the opening of the second border point between Iran and Pakistan, which is a major development after the opening of the Khaf-Herat project, that shows Iran's special attention to its neighbors.”

"We also witnessed the summoning of the ambassadors of Germany and France last week," the diplomat said, referring to FM Mohammad Javad Zarif's telephone conversation with the foreign ministers of Portugal and Sweden on regional, international and bilateral developments. 

In addition, the foreign ministers of Iran and Turkey held talks following their conversations in Baku, Khatibzadeh added.

Referring to the visit of Abbas Araghchi to Afghanistan and Oman last Friday, he said: "The document of comprehensive cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan has reached an acceptable point.

Iran invites Canadian FM to respect diplomatic etiquette

Khatibzadeh also slammed Canada's claims over the Ukrainian airplane crash, saying Iran invited the Canadian Foreign Minister to respect diplomatic etiquette.

He explained about his Canadian FM saying, "The Canadian FM does not believe that human error caused the crash of the Ukrainian plane, and he has claimed about possible filing a complaint to the International Court of Justice for the process of investigation and punishment of the perpetrators of the crash."

“All Iran's officials from the highest ranks in the government to those who are normally following the case saddened by this incident and we are saddened by losing the children of the nation and there is not a day or night that we do not express our sorrow with regard to this incident. We express sympathy with the bereaved families; they were the great sons of this nation.”, highlighted Khatibzadeh.

JCPOA not to be renegotiated

Regarding the recent remarks of the Russian Foreign Minister about Iran's readiness for non-JCPOA talks, Khatibzadeh stated: "What the Foreign Ministry has consistently and unequivocally stated is that the JCPOA is an agreement that has been processed, negotiated, signed and finalized and cannot be negotiated again. Resolution 2231 is clear. JCPOA cannot be renegotiated."

He added: "I have said that JCPOA will not be renegotiated and the parties will return to their obligations. On other issues, Iran has shown in its maximum resistance that it does not negotiate with anyone on national security. Iran has its own defense priorities and acts accordingly."


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