Donald Trump, questioning the final results of the 2020 US election and denying defeat, claims that Joe Biden would be an illegitimate president.

Iran PressAmerica: According to Hill, the US President Donald Trump, who has faced two more defeats this week in the states of Pennsylvania and Texas, and has had his lawsuits dismissed by the US Supreme Court, in response to the upcoming electoral college choosing of Joe Biden as the next US president said: "He believes that Biden will be an illegitimate president."

Trump's remarks come as Georgia's Supreme Court on Sunday rejected an appeal filed by Donald Trump's campaign to overturn the state election results.

On Saturday, the Wisconsin federal judge in the United States rejected Trump's election petition to annul Joe Biden.

Wisconsin has confirmed Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the winner. In 2016, however, Trump won the state election.

The governor of Wisconsin also quoted state officials saying that the election was held safe, fair and efficient. 219