The spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the United States to return to the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal as soon as possible and without preconditions to fulfill its obligations under the international agreement, including the lifting of sanctions.

Iran PressAsia: In response to a question on German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas's recent remarks on renegotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Hua Chunying said on Monday: "The current Iranian nuclear situation is highly complex and sensitive, with major changes in formulation.”

In an interview on December 4, Maas said a new broader Iran Nuclear Deal must be reached to also rein in Tehran's ballistic missile program.

“China holds that no matter how the situation evolves, upholding and implementing the JCPOA should be the precondition of any political and diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue,” the spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry added.

“We hope all parties will bear in mind the big picture, always remain calm and exercise restraint, consolidate consensus to preserve the JCPOA, and push for the unconditional return of the US administration to this deal as soon as possible as well as resumed compliance, including the lift of all relevant sanctions,” she stressed.


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