Iraqi ex-Min:

Iraq (IP) – Iraq's former minister of defense said the Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) saved the country's political system from collapse.

Iran PressMiddle East: Najah Hassan Ali al-Shammari said on Tuesday that the fatwa (religious mandate) of Iraq's religious authority for jihad changed the military equation in the country, turning it into a geostrategic center for an all-out fight against Daesh (ISIS). 

Al-Shammari said Daesh's control over Mosul caused chaos in the political system of Iraq, but with the fatwa of the high religious authority and the role PMU played, the national unity plan was founded and foiled the tribal conspiracies. 

PMU was not only an operational force but also played the role of a rescuer at a time the political system of the country was likely to fall, conveying the sense to the official institutions and turning to the main pivot of Iraq's authority and security, he explained.

The former Iraqi Minister of Defense stressed that PMU should remain a strategic force in the hands of the government and that political approaches should not be a point of contention.

After Daesh invaded Iraq in June 2014 and occupied large parts of the country's territory, the Grand Marja (religious authority) issued the order of forming a popular mobilization unit (PMU). 

With the formation of PMU, the organization played an outstanding role in clearing the geography of Iraq from Daesh's occupation.


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