Shiraz (IP) - Eram's historic garden is located in Shiraz, southern Iran and it is considered as of the tourist attractions in Fars Province.

Iran PressIran news: Eram garden was built in the Seljuk era and Mohammad Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand Dynasty, had done efforts in the construction and improvement of the garden.

Eram Garden in Shiraz has a high diversity of plants and plants from many different parts of the world have been planted in this garden; so that Eram Garden hast turn out to be a form of an exhibition of various flowers and plants.

At present, Eram Garden is in the possession of Shiraz University and its botanical garden is in the possession of the Faculty of Agriculture of this university.

In 2011, at the 35th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, UNESCO inscribed the Eram Garden in Shiraz, along with eight other Iranian gardens, on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Shiraz Eram Garden is one of the most spectacular and tourist attractions in Fars province, but this year it is not hosting Iranian and foreign tourists due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

These days, when the possibility of travel and tourism is very limited due to the outbreak of coronavirus, join Iran-Press, and experience a virtual trip.


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