Tehran (IP) - Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism (ADVT NGO) condemned Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assassination in a statement.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism in condemnation of the assassination of prominent scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh wrote in a statement: "On the eve of the anniversary of the martyrdom of the scientist Majid Shahriari, international terrorism martyred another scientist in another brutal crime."

The statement said: "Such crimes and other similar cases in the national and regional arenas prove that terrorism has for many years undergone a radical change in interpretation and ideological extremism, and has played a role in imposing the will of the domination system on independent countries."

The Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism added: "This ominous phenomenon threatens our region and has caused great damage to various countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, which won’t be compensated even with decades of efforts."

In another part of the statement, it is stated that terrorism in any form, method and purpose is condemned and has no other result than undermining the great human achievement in the development of international law.


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