The number of Israeli men exempted from compulsory military service due to mental health problems has increased by 50 percent during the last two years.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Zionist regime army has announced that 11.9 percent of draft-age Israeli men who were subject to conscription have received mental health exemptions.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz has revealed that the rate recorded a 50 percent increase during the last two years.

Haaretz reported that the rise in mental health exemptions has become a major problem the army must address.

The Israeli army attributes the rise mainly: "In the number of young men suffering from depression or anxiety. But another factor appears to be a decline in the value of military service in the eyes of large segments of Israeli society over the past two decades."

Haaretz reported: "Initial data on the next round of draftees indicates that the rate of mental health exemptions might rise by another percentage point. The problem could even accelerate due to the economic, social, and emotional problems caused by the coronavirus crisis."

According to Haaretz, in an attempt to reduce the number of exemptions, the Israeli army is considering various ideas for reducing the rate of mental health exemptions.

There is an understanding that the Israeli soldiers represent a mentally healthy population as prior to their enlistment they undergo a series of tests and evaluations to determine their suitability for service. 

The number of Israeli soldiers who committed suicide was higher than the number of soldiers killed during military operations.

In most of the cases, the public was not informed of the suicide cases, in some cases, the press manages to uncover these events.