Iran MP:

Tehran (IP) - A member of the national security committee of Iran’s parliament, Fadahossein Maleki said that five cooperation documents will be signed between Iran and Afghanistan, three of which have been already prepared.

Iran Press/ Asia: On the sidelines of the open session of Iran's parliament session on Tuesday, Fadahossein Maleki, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said that Iran's relations with neighboring countries especially Afghanistan is our priority.

He further went on to explain that relations include economic, political, trade, and security sectors.

The Member of the national security committee of the parliament added that regarding the common cultural background with Afghanistan and the transit line of Chabahar (which offers a way to widen regional trade), Iran’s relations with the country are more significant.

Referring to the five documents, Maleki noted that they are in various areas, including water (Hirmand and Hamoon rivers, which can be a source of investment and creating job opportunities), citizens, training and cultural affairs, and security.

"These docs. are going to be signed by the presidents of the two countries soon," the MP concluded.


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