Tehran (IP) - Fly shoot competitions of the top clubs of Iran, after an 8-year break, started this morning at the fly shoot site of Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran.

Iran PressIran News: During the first week of the competitions, the teams, including 'Rata Sana'at Shomal' (North Rata Industry), 'Homak National Production', 'Nikan Hospital', 'Lake Urmia', 'Drak of Shiraz', and 'Kerman' competed periodically in compliance with health protocols.

In these competitions, held in the fields of men's and women's trap as well as men's skating, the 'Pegah' team faced a bye.

Fly shoot competitions of Iranian top clubs will be held in 5 weeks, and the champion will be determined on December 31st this year (2020).

In the series of competitions, there are 5 athletes in each team, including three male trap shooters, a male skater, and a female trap shooter.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, the Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shooting Sport Federation Reza Malek Mohammadi said that 11 teams had announced that they are ready to participate in the competitions, and in the end, 7 present teams obtained the necessary qualifications required by the Shooting Sport Federation.

The secretary of the Shooting Sport Federation added that the members of Iran's national shooting team are present in the competitions, and the competitions did not have a financial burden on the athletes and the Shooting Sport Federation.


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