Middle East(IP): Iraq's Kurdish region said an attack on an oil pipeline on October 28 has halted oil exports to Turkey.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Iraqi Kurdistan Region said in a statement on Saturday that an oil export pipeline from the region to Turkey was targeted on Wednesday (October 28th), which led to a halt in oil exports.

The pipeline transports oil from northern Iraq to the Turkish city of Ceyhan.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government strongly condemns the terrorist attack targeting the pipeline which exports oil from the Kurdistan Region this Wednesday, resulting in the suspension of oil exports," the KRG said in a statement.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government believes that these acts only further destabilize the situation in the region. An investigation has already been launched to determine those behind the attack."

The statement didn't disclose the extent of the damage or the impact on current production.

The region produces around 450,000 b/d, most of which is exported via Turkey.

On Thursday, an Iraqi security source announced the attack on the pipeline but said there had been no interruption in the oil export process.


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